Federico Castellón ~ The Mask of Red Death by Edgar Allan Poe”, 1969

Poe interests me… there is a dark, very dark side to my work and Poe is quite a dark guy…” -Federico Castellon

The Spanish-American artist Castellon on his selection of  The Mask of the Red Death as a book to illustrate: "I picked it because a lot of my work is devoted to this kind of questioning of what the hell is it all about and to me that was typical of the philosophy that Poe seemed to project. That we try to pose whatever we want, do whatever we want, everything, and therefore the whole game… Poe depresses me enormously in the sense that his compositions are basically lonely people all the time, rarely puts two people together. He has of course very often but a great bulk of them are alone and he impresses me with the uniqueness of an individual, this kind of floating and trying to find a niche that really isn’t there. You have to function within what is there, but none of them is a comfortable niche for anybody."


Lothar von Seebach - Adam and Eve (ca. 1910)


I grabbed her by the throat but I didn’t choke her. Just kissed her so deep she forgot whose air she was breathing.
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Ultraviolence | Lana Del Rey
"…he hurt me but it felt like true love…"


i went on a walk


I really can’t wait for winter because then I can start wearing the other 97% of my clothes 

«—Para aumentar mis estadísticas de confianza, te voy a dar la llave de mi corazón. No podrás quitarlo, pero podrás hacer lo que quieras, exactamente cuando te apetezca. De todos modos ya eres la llave que me abre por entero».
La mecánica del corazón — Mathias Malzieu.

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